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Interior Designer, Specialist Paint Techniques & Artist


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Hi my name is Denise Hardy and I love everything in connection with the home i.e. Interior Design, Hand Painting Furniture, Decorative Painting Techniques and Art.


I live in Alicante, Spain with my husband in a beautiful villa which we both love and work hard on making it our home.  I have been established in creating beautiful homes since 1998 and never get tired of doing what I do. 

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These photos are of our Villa in Spain - we have been renovating it for about 2 years and we are still in the middle of it - so please stop by for 'updates' and progress on the rooms that we have completed.  Please bear with me while I complete the new pages

These Before and After pictures are of our Shower Room which we renovated in November 2015.  The room was 'gutted' and we completely started again.  We had the Builders to do all the 'gutting' i.e. take everything out and sort out the drainage etc. I designed and created the Design.

I wanted/needed to make more space and to do that I decided to move the sink and the toilet arrangement. You can see from the pictures, that I had to design it to make the most of a very small space, which I think I achieved.  The sink was on the right hand side as you walked into the Shower Room, as you can see in the Before picture and I had a new one placed on the left hand side with a 'lighted' mirror above it.  The new toilet was then placed further over to the left of the sink.  You will see that I also chose to have the sink unit and the toilet 'floating', which is far better than having them placed directly on the floor - much easier and hygenic to keep clean. 

When I was looking at the sinks - one thing I wanted, apart from it being off the floor was some storage drawers.  This sink has two wide

and deep drawers.  I purchased some make-up storage boxes to keep all my make-up tidy and out of the way and of course toothbrushes etc.

I also decided to have a sliding door instead of a 'fixed' door that opened into the room.  Doing this also saved us space and enabled the toilet to be placed next to the sink.  I purchased new crystal handles, which shine all different colours and look beautiful when the sun gets on them.

I also decided that I did not want the tiles all over the walls - so I had them placed just inside the Shower Area - thinking that you can easily repaint the walls, rather than having to replace tiles when I get fed up with the colour. (which no doubt I will - in time - lol)  It will then be purely a matter of changing the towels - by far cheaper! Once the sink was re-placed it enabled me to purchase an electric towel rail, which obviously is what you need to dry the towels and placed that on the right hand side as you walk in the door.  

I love the shower (mind you who wouldn't in comparison to the glass bricks!) with the plain glass front and also I had some shelves put in on the right hand side of the shower when you walk in.  This we use for shampoo, conditioner etc etc.  With having the shelves for the towels - there was actually a void at the back of them, which enabled us to have the shelves inside the shower.  Also we made use of the space at the side of  the shower, which enabled me to re-use the white cabinet for all my cleaning products, toiilet rolls etc etc.  and then with having the shelves above the cabinet I was able to store my towels.  This was already in the old bathroom and was still in good condition and is very handy.  So.... even if it is such a small shower, we have plenty of storage.

To finish it off nicely I thought a chandelier would be pefect for the room and chose it in black.  I Love it